Welcome To Papadoms

A plan was hatched many moons ago from childhood memories of long, dusty journeys through the bright, colourful wilderness of the Punjab, stopping at roadside cafes to stretch our legs, quench our thirst and refuel on some delicious, spicy parcels of lovingly prepared food. When arriving at what can only be described as a tin shack propped up by mango trees at the side of the road, half way home between Delhi and Punjab, we stumbled upon something that would become a lifelong passion: the art of Indian roadside food. Housed in simple surroundings, with only a buckled plastic Coca-Cola chair to balance on, and surrounded by flamboyant truck drivers on their scheduled stops, travelling business men and rogue traders taking five before their next sale, we began our first taste exploration. The abundance of flavoursome pakoras... it soon made a lasting impression.

Taste Our Cocktails

Inspired by classic Indian beverages and reinvented for you good folk, we give you a cocktail collection with some serious tropical flavours. A good example is our spritz, the Phagwara fizz, full of punch with flavours of coconut and pineapple, topped with Prosecco to give you a touch of elegance.We have our traditional Punjabi Chaa, which is a must have in our house. Along with it we have imported some of our favourite indian soft drinks, including Thumbs Up and Limca. We have even gone to the lengths of brewing our own hoppy IPA beer to complement our delicate curries.

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